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March 17, 2019
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May 2, 2019
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IP Phones in Pakistan

IP Phones in Pakistan require approval from PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) for import and subsequent sales & deployment on any Telecom, IP or customer’s IP network. There are a wide range of IP phones available in Pakistan with brands such as Yealink, Fanvil, UNIFY, Grandstream, Cisco, NEC, Huawei and Polycom. From basic SIP phones to executive phones, these IP phones offer a number of advanced telephony features such as multiple SIP servers connectivity and video telephony and android based apps.

Demand for low-cost SIP phones is increasing in Pakistan considering requirements to work from remote offices, working from home, distributed call centers, distributed offices, connecting branch offices with HQs, long-range connectivity in IP network, connecting with multiple SIP servers with one phone, etc.

Insiyabi offers a variety of IP phones ranging from affordable low-cost SIP phones to Executive IP Phones from world’s leading brands. Contact us for more information.