Insiyabi Pre Sales Services

Pre-Sales Support and Infrastructure design Services


In this era of highly converged voice, video, and data networks, locating the right product is only one step to the destination. The other key factors include items like personnel, skill sets, lab and test equipment and time to rollout etc. All of these contribute to a significant investment in deploying and maintaining an efficient scalable network.

At Insiyabi Pakistan we have a team of highly trained and experienced Engineers and Project Managers to plan, prepare, design, implement/integrate, manage, support and audit increasingly complex technologies of modern communication era. Our passion is to understand the business objectives of our customers and equating their success with our own. We are committed to supporting their businesses with a mix of our products and professional services.

Bid Management is a vital Pre-Sales support service to your sales team. Pre-Sales provides copywriting, administrative and technical resources to ensure that the quality of your proposal documentation and presentations matches that of your products and services. But due to the fluctuating nature of the business, it can also be a very expensive overhead that is only used to capacity for a matter of a few weeks per year.

Working very closely with your own sales, technical, delivery, and commercial teams,  Insiyabi Pakistan Consulting can assist by providing skilled Bid Management consultants to coordinate the preparation of complex tender responses, to prepare documentation, and where required, to support your sales staff during presentations to prospective clients.

We provide a wide range of technical personnel on staff augmentation and outsourcing basis. When implementing large-scale communications projects Insiyabi Consulting personnel are invaluable. As a project evolves through its various phases, the requisite skill sets change. Initially analysis and design personnel are needed; later implementation staffs are required and finally, operations and maintenance personnel must be put in place. Insiyabi Consulting is prepared to recruit all phases of a program with seasoned personnel.

What services can we provide?

Insiyabi Pakistan Consulting can provide the following services:

  • Qualification and prioritization of proposal and tender projects.
  • Co-ordination of Sales, Technical, Delivery and Commercial departments to ensure all information is available within the required timescales.
  • Design and Preparation of Proposal Documentation and presentations.
  • Copywriting of non-technical documents such as Executive Summary, Company Profile etc.
  • Delivery of finished product.
  • Visiting prospective clients with your Sales staff, including (where appropriate) undertaking presentations and/or demonstrations of products.

Why outsource Bid Management/Pre-Sales?

There are many reasons for outsourcing your Pre-Sales workload, including:

  • Many smaller IT companies simply cannot justify the expense of a full-time Pre-Sales Department, but require Pre-Sales support when dealing with important tenders and proposals.
  • Companies with in-house Bid Management/Pre-Sales may require additional manpower during busy periods.
  • Often, Bid Management/Pre-Sales work is actually undertaken by Sales staff. This can not only compromise the quality of the finished product but more importantly, keeps your Sales staff in the office and effectively stops them from selling.

What benefits are derived from this?

The key benefits of outsourcing Bid Management/Pre-Sales include:

  • The cost of your Pre-Sales effort is proportional to the level of activity being undertaken, rather than being a fixed overhead.
  • Insiyabi Pakistan Consulting’s Pre-Sales procedures ensure that all steps required to produce quality documentation are carried out and that the finished article is available within the required timescales.
  • Regular reporting and defined escalation procedures ensure that the client is always aware of the current situation.
  • Our consultants’ unrivaled experience and professional background ensure the most effective results for your company.

In summary, Insiyabi Pakistan can provide assistance in all aspects of Bid Management/Pre-Sales.